Private Tours is All We Do.

About Us

Based on a small farm in Southeast Iceland, we live and breathe Icelandic outdoor adventures. We combine decades of mountaineering and photographic expertise to make your trip the best it can possibly be!

Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience, and we do not make compromises. All activities are in private groups and almost everything can be individually customised to match your preferences, abilities and available time. We also work closely with other guides in the area to provide you with a wide range of options for larger groups or special activities.

With a lifelong passion for photography – and the award of Master Craftsmanship by the Austrian Guild of Professional Photographers to prove it – we know exactly what enthusiasts and professionals are looking for. It influences the places you want to go for the best angle, it dictates the time of day you’re looking for to get the best light, and it means you’ll want to have enough time to set everything up perfectly for the best shot.

We’re here to make it all happen.

Think of our offers more as a tailor-made suit, expertly shaped to fit you perfectly, instead of something you have to buy off the rack. If our tour descriptions make you think “great, but wouldn’t it be nice if they could …” — chances are that yes, we can!

Ice Caves

You can't get closer to the mighty Vatnajökull.

Shaped by the forces of meltwater in the summer months, it is only possible to access ice caves in the winter months. Even existing caves are reborn every year. Always different, always stunningly beautiful.

Join us in exploring the shapes and structures that come to light in these magnificent caves!

Tour options range from easily accessible caves that can be visited by almost everybody to full-day expeditions that require alpine experience.

Mountain and Glacier Hikes

On the trails of the shepherds.

It only takes a few steps to go from the already sparsely populated ‘civilisation’ in Iceland into the remote backcountry. Many wonders await, from colourful rock formations to cascading waterfalls and great panoramic views!

Follow the uncharted trails that the shepherd shave been using for generations, and experience the true nature of Iceland.

Or join us on a trip over the glacier and up onto one of the many peaks for a fantastic mountaineering experience!

We can arrange hikes for all levels of fitness, from easy one- to two-hour walks on mostly flat grass meadows and beaches to glacier expeditions to the summit of one of the many peaks in the area.

Kayaking on Glacier Lakes

Serene. Breathtaking. Unique.

Few experiences bring you closer to the breathtaking environment of the glaciers than kayaking on a glacier lake. Feel nature with every stroke of your paddle. Discover new perspectives and see the glacier like you have never seen it before. Marvel at the shapes and textures of icebergs.

Close your eyes and feel nature at work.

New this year, and only available in the summer months, this tour is offered in cooperation with our friends at ICEGUIDE. Detailed information including pricing and online booking is available on their homepage.

Bespoke Adventures

Tell us your dream. We make it real.

Pre-set tours are always a compromise. We understand that, and even our regular catalog probably offers more flexibility than you’ll find in most other places.

But sometimes that’s just not enough.

No matter if you are looking for a combination of activities form our catalog or something completely different, we’re happy to help. From skiing the highest peaks of Iceland to surfing its shores, from finding and exporting your dream horse to finding trail running routes across the rugged highlands, chances are that we’ve done it before or that we know just the right people you’ll want to talk to.