Iceland is best experienced on foot. It only takes a few steps to get away from the main road into untouched nature!

Let us show you the amazing backcountry of Southeast Iceland. Visit hidden waterfalls, see breathtaking panoramic vistas, and wander on the same paths that shepherds have used for generations. Or put on crampons and step on the biggest glacier in Europe, for a short walk or an expedition to Iceland’s highest peaks!

Please make sure to check out our Questions and Answers on Mountain Hikes for important information on seasonal availability, clothing, and more.

Hiking Tours

Easy to moderate hikes in the Hornafjörður area

From Papós to Stokksnes

A picturesque, easy hike that half-circumnavigates the Horn peninsula.

We meet at the Viking Café near Stokksnes, where you will leave your car and join me for a few minutes’ drive to our start location on the northeastern part of the peninsula. Our hike begins at the old settlement of Papós, where remains of one of the first settlements in the area can be found. As we walk over black beaches, gravel, and sheep trails, we discover new viewpoints of the well known Vestrahorn mountain range. For some time, the path gets slightly more exciting, navigating a few steeper slopes on sheep paths before we arrive at the remains of a british WWII settlement. Here the terrain is mostly flat and easy to walk over again, and we walk past herds of horses. Our tour ends at the Viking Café, where hot coffee will await to reward us.

Total hiking distance ~10km
Total duration ~3 hours (including breaks & transportation)

Difficulty Level 2 (summer)

Moderately easy. Mostly easy hike over well navigable terrain; sections on narrow sheep trails where conditions can be somewhat slippery.

Usually also fine in winter, but can be considerably more difficult depending on conditions.

Pricing (Jun-Oct)

1-3 Persons: ISK 12.000 per person
4-6 Persons: ISK 10.000 per person

Maximum group size in summer – 6 persons.

Pricing (Nov-May)

1-3 Persons: ISK 18.000 per person
4-5 Persons: ISK 15.000 per person

Maximum group size in winter – 4 persons.

Through The Endless Valley

A wonderful point-to-point day tour!

We meet at Nes, from where we will start our hike following the gravel road into Laxá valley, an open expanse of grassland and rivers meandering through a wide gravel bed. Once inside the valley, we will cross the stream a few times – a refreshing experience! – or we can opt for the sheep trails on the east side of the valley, which makes the journey a bit more difficult and longer, but keeps our feet (mostly) dry.

After about 90 minutes we arrive at the junction with Endalausdalur – the Endless Valley, which is more narrow and greets us with a cascade of picturesque waterfalls. Once again we follow the paths of the sheep, first steadily climbing uphill but soon reaching the highest point of our hike. We use the occasion for a short break (tea/coffee and snack provided by us) before we continue onwards, now on a gentle downhill slope until we arrive at Fjarðará í Lóni, where transportation will await us for a roughly 15-minute ride back to our starting point.

Total hiking distance ~ 18km
Total duration ~ 6 hours (including breaks & transportation)

Difficulty Level 3

A generally easy hike without major technical difficulties, but the length of the tour and several river crossings require good physical condition and suitable clothing (including socks and shoes that remain comfortable when wet).


1-2 Persons: ISK 20.000 per person
3-4 Persons: ISK 18.000 per person
5-6 Persons: ISK 16.500 per person

Maximum group size 6 persons.

On the old trade routes

A full day hike into Lónsöræfi.

We start the day with a superjeep drive deep into the backcountry, crossing deep rivers and navigating narrow mountain roads. We then continue on foot along deep rivers and over colourful mountains, following sheep paths and old routes that have been used by riders and hikers for generations to travel all the way to Akureyri. Magnificent views abound, and we will have plenty of time to stop and marvel at the glaciers and rock formations that we will encounter.

Total hiking distance ~15km
Total duration ~8 hours (including breaks & transportation)

This tour is only possible in summer and requires stable weather; after prolonged rains river levels may be too high to cross them safely.

Difficulty Level 3

Moderately difficult. Mostly easy hike over well navigable terrain; sections on narrow sheep trails where conditions can be somewhat slippery. A few sections are rather steep (not dangerous, just exhausting).

This is a rather long day.


1-2 Persons: ISK 20.000 per person
3-4 Persons: ISK 18.000 per person

Maximum group size 4 persons.

Glacier Tours

Excursions onto the glaciers

Coming Soon


We are currently preparing all new glacier hikes and excursions for the upcoming winter season!