Are the hikes possible all year?

While some hikes are possible throughout the year, conditions may be significantly more difficult in winter. Please refer to the individual descriptions or contact us for detailed information.

What clothing / equipment do I need?

We generally recommend solid, ankle-high or higher boots with good, grippy soles that you are comfortable with walking for several hours.

Since the weather and temperatures can change quickly, an ‘onion’ strategy of multiple layers of clothing is usually recommended. Your outer layer should be wind- and waterproof. Some hikes may involve river crossings; extra or waterproof socks may be worth considering.

A hat and gloves are always a good idea.

Walking sticks can be quite helpful, especially when walking on loose scree.

Should I bring food / water?

While not strictly necessary, it can be nice to bring a few snacks depending on the duration of the hike. On some longer hikes we may also provide small snacks but you know best what to bring. A small (0.5 l) bottle of water is usually sufficient as we will encounter many streams where you can fill up; in cooler temperatures a thermos can filled with hot tea is a great idea.

Do you also have information for self guided hikes?

The best place for maps and other information on self guided hiking is at the visitor centre in Höfn (located at the harbour, next to Pakkhús).

Please also refer to our General Questions and Answers on topics not specifically related to hiking tours.

Still have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to help! 8494251