Bespoke Private Tours

– Make the best of your time in Iceland –

These activities are based on our most popular requests, but always ready to be customised. Book now to reserve your date, and we will follow up to see how we can tailor it to your preferences. Or, if you are looking for a completely bespoke adventure that doesn’t seem to fit any of the listed tours, just send us a quick email and we’ll work with you to put together an amazing program!

Ice Cave Half- and Full-Day Tours

Our most requested winter activity are half- and full-day tours throughout the ice cave season. From family friendly outings to extra early starts to capture the sunrise from an ice cave, anything is possible.

November – March
From ISK 30.000 / person

around Vestrahorn

On this half-day hike, we circumnavigate the Vestrahorn peninsula. Starting at the historic settlement of Papós, we traverse sandy beaches and rugged mountain slopes on a little known route to Stokksnes. Can be extended to a round trip day tour by crossing the Kex mountain pass.

Year round (difficult in winter)
From ISK 20.000 / person

Not yet bookable online – please contact us by email.

Into the lóNsöræfi Wilderness

A day hike into the remote wilderness of Lónsöræfi. Colorful mountains and wild formations, large rivers and a diverse ecology wait to be discovered.

June – September
From ISK 30.000 / person

Not bookable online – please contact us by email.

Easy Glacier Intro

A gentle, family friendly adventure onto hard ice. Flexible timing and easy terrain make this a great first excursion onto the glacier with children or for those of us who like to take it easy but still want to learn more about this magnificent environment.

Year round
From ISK 20.000 / person

Not yet bookable online – please contact us by email.

Advanced Glacier Techniques

Taking glacier hikes to the next level! On this full-day tour, we can go further into more technical terrain, and come back with new skills and insights into the life cycle of the glaciers!

Year round
From ISK 45.000 / person

Coming Soon

We are working on a relaunch of our tour program with a far more extended selection of activities!

Didn’t find quite what you were looking for? Contact us and we will put together a completely custom made tour for you.